Hotel Ibersotar

This complex is located in the western part of the city of Perast, on the easternmost part of the bay "Penčići" and opens onto the primary pedestrian route that stretches from end to end of the city, in the east-west direction, the former Velja Street, but also the coastal road which is formed at the beginning of the 20th century. The complex is organized in the east-west direction and with its western facade is part of a series of buildings along the Old Road as well as the coastal road.
The reconstruction project of the existing complex, which consists of seven buildings, was formed with the aim of: adaptation of the restored palaces (reconstructed in 2008) - the Smekja Palace and its younger wing), reconstruction of the ruins of the baroque building
- used for the purposes of housing the substation during the operation of the Jadran clothing factory and the factory hall (built in 1979), as well as construction, i.e. renovation of the urban matrix of the city according to the Urban Planning Project of the city of Perast (refers to the renovation of the building on cat. lot 85 and two in the area between the Old and coastal roads (buildings A and B in front of the factory hall).
Care was taken to ensure that all planned interventions on the renovation of buildings do not damage the architectural and environmental values of the subject unit, as well as the entire city, but that they are performed and presented in a way that they are in accordance with the traditional architectural elements of the city of Perast, which will be highlighted in the interior as much as possible.
The hotel complex contains 130 accommodation units, an à la carte restaurant, an indoor swimming pool with a Spa and Wellness center.

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    9,770 m2

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